Remote Support Services
Remote support is a convenient way for Technical FX to securely provide tech support almost anywhere in the world without actually being onsite.

Enter your session code and click Connect.

If you would like Technical FX to provide you with remote technical support please contact us at 516-387-0667 or to make an appointment. At your scheduled appointment time we will call you to provide a 6 digit support code which you will enter into the box on the left. Then click Connect button.
Please Note!
Please carefully take note of the procedure below. Once you click on Connect this page will be replaced by the one in the picture below.
Client Download
Click "Start" button to download ISL Light. Choose the folder to install ISL Light Remote Client application into. Usually this is you Download folder.
Run ISL Light
Depending on your browser you may have to click on the downloaded file link at the bottom of the browser window and then Click the "Run" button in security warning window or click the "Run" button to the right of the file link (as seen in the pic to the left) to start your remote support session.
Remote Session Started
ISL Light is now running and you are connected with Technical FX. We will take control of your screen to clean up the display and begin our support session.
John A Saverino
John A Saverino Technical Director
John brings 20 years of experience providing myriad technical solutions to business and consumers.

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