Technical FX Services
A Few Of The Many Services We Provide For PC and Android

Technical Support Services

Troubleshoot problems - Install and configure new hardware including PCs, tablets phones, memory, hard drive, DVD drives, video cards, power supply, printers, routers and more!
Installation Configuration - Training - Software selection guidance
Operating System & Software performance improvement & optimization - PC cabinet dust removal
You've mistakenly deleted or somehow lost one or many of your precious data files. Don't panic. Turn off your computer and call Technical FX. We will affordably restore your data.
Often neglected until a problem surfaces Data Management is very important. Organizing, backing up and ensuring auto save is crucial to preserving your data.
Not all computer security software is created equal and properly configured. Technical FX will evaluate your security risks and make antivirus, malware and firewall recommendations.
Best product & best price guidance - Operating System & Software training - Business Support Services, Marketing, Photos, Video, Website and more.
Don't worry if you are out of Technical FX's on site service area. We will safely and securely log in to your computer analyze issues, correct them and provide training.
No matter what your technological issue, need or question consider Technical FX your resource for solutions!

Freedom TV FX

About Freedom TV FX
Freedom TV FX is Technical FX's answer to expensive Cable and Satellite TV programming. There are many options from FREE to low cost - no contract TV, including the latest movies and entertainment, sports, news, home & cooking, childrens shows and more. Technical FX has done all the research and untangled all the options to present the options best suited to your viewing needs all at the best cost.
Free TV
Many are rediscovering broadcast TV. Unlike previous broadcast TV in the old days, before 2006, broadcast TV now is digital and in many cases high definition digital. What does that mean? It means the video is even better than that of cable and satellite which is compressed. Technical FX will install all the equipment you need to receive up to 70 FREE broadcast TV channels all for one low cost.
Cable Unplugged
Technical FX has sorted out all of the premium TV offerings to provide you with a package tailored to you viewing preferences. No longer do you need to wade through and pay for hundreds of unwanted TV channels. Get and pay for just what you want!
Home Theater
Whether you have all of your components or you don't know where to begin Technical FX is there to help. We can help you purchase the best home theater equipment at the best prices. Once you have your equipment Technical FX is there to install and set it all up to perfection.
John A Saverino
John A Saverino Technical Director
John brings over 20 years of experience providing myriad technical solutions to business and consumers.

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